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I. Phonetics (5 points)
Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
1. A. care B. share C. dare D. are
2. A. hope B. motor C. Lo t D. go
3. A. catch B. child C. march D. machine
4. A. gate B. hate C. jade D. staff
5. A. thank B. language C. friend D. anxious
II. Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)
Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
6. The United Nations ________ formed in 1945.
A. is B. was C. are D. were
7. How many ________ do you need?
A. hour’s sleep B. hours of sleep C. hours of sleeping D. sleeping hours
8. When we saw his face, we knew ________ was good.
A. the news B. a news C. some news D. news
9. ________ of the students will spend their summer vacation in the school.
A. Two fifth B. Second fifth C. Two fives D. Two fifths
10. The sun ______ in the east and ________ in the west.
A. rise, set B. rises, sets C. is rising, is setting D. rose, set
11. “Must we do it now?”
“No, you ________.”
A. won’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. don’t
12. Saying something is one thing while doing it is ________.
A. others B. the other C. other D. another
13. It was ________ that he couldn’t finish it without the help of others.
A. a so difficult job B. such a difficult job
C. so a difficult job D. such difficult a job
14. He appears ________ today.
A. very angrily B. very angry C. being angry D. with anger
15. Who’s is responsible ________ the arrangements?
A. for make B. to make C. to making D. for making
16. Little ________ about his won safety, though he was in great danger himself at that time.
A. does he care B. did he care C. he cares D. he cared
17. I suggested that the students each ________ a plan for the summer vacation.
A. would make B. will make C. make D. made
18. She shut the window ________ she might keep the insects out.
A. in order that B. since C. till D. because
19. Many members ________ were present agreed to the plan.
A. who B. they C. which D. whom
20. Now many people spend a lot of money ________ the poor children go to school.
A. help B. to help C. to helping D. helping
21. These new curtain do not ________ well ________ your carpet.
A. go…by B. go…for C. go…with D. go…into
22. The little girl ________ me ________ her aunt.
A. reminds; / B. recall; of C. made; of D. reminds; of
23. Her father watches TV only for half an hour a day. He is interested in ________ news only.
A. late B. current C. present D. permanent
24. John ________ the girl his parents didn’t approve of.
A. was married with B. married with C. married to D. married
25. Price rises ________ consumer spending.
A. arouse B. avoid C. preserve D. restrain
Ⅲ. Cloze (15 points)
Directions: There are 15 blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE answer that best completes the passage.
The angry woman sat in the station office. “The railway should pay me $12.” She said to Harry, the man 26 sold the ticket. “My ticket was 27 May 22nd, and there was 28 train from Jersey that night. 29 had to stay in a hotel. It 30 me $ 12.”
Harry was worried. He remembered 31 the woman a return ticket. After he checked the Jersey timetable for May 22nd, he knew she was right. However, had he made 32 mistake? 33 what to do, he smiled at the child. “Did you have a nice holiday in Jersey?” he said to her. “Yes,” she answered shyly. “The seashore was 34 , and I can swim 35 !”
“That’s fine,” said Harry. “My little girl can’t swim a bit yet. Of course, she’s only three…”
Harry turned to the mother, “I remember your ticket, madam,” he said. “But you didn’t get one 36 your daughter, 37 you?”
“Well,” the woman looked at the child. “I mean she hasn’t started school yet. She is only four.” “A four-year-old child 38 have a ticket, madam. A child’s 39 ticket to Jersey costs $13.50. So if the railway pays your hotel bill, you will owe $1.50. The law is the law, but since the mistake was 40 …”
Saying nothing, the woman stood up, took the child’s hand and left the office.
26. A. which B. where C. whose D. who
27. A. on B. at C. in D. for
28. A. not B. no C. the D. a
29. A. I and my daughter B. Me and my daughter
C. I and a daughter of mine D. My daughter and I
30. A. costs B. cost C. costing D. costly
31. A. buying B. to buy C. to sell D. selling
32. A. such a careless B. so a careless C. so careless D. so a careless
33. A. Wondered B. Being wondered
C. Wondering D. Having been wondered
34. A. beautifully B. lovely C. greatly D. wonderfully
35. A. too B. neither C. either D. nor
36. A. to B. with C. for D. given
37. A. hadn’t B. had C. did D. didn’t
38. A. must B. many C. ought D. can
39. A. single B. one way C. go and back D. return
40. A. I B. me C. my D. mine
IV. Reading Comprehension (40 points)
Directions: There are four reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage 1
It had been said that Lincoln was always ready to join in a laugh at himself. There is one particular story that he always told with great delight.
In his early days as a lawyer, Lincoln went from town to town to hear and judge legal cases. During one of these trips, he was sitting in a train when a strange man came up to him. The stranger looked at the tall clumsy(愚笨的)lawyer and said that he had something he believed belonged to him. Lincoln was a bit puzzled. He had never seen the man before. He didn’t see how a total stranger could have something of his. Lincoln asked him how this could be. The stranger pulled out a pencil knife and began to explain. Many years before, he had been given the pencil knife. He had been told to keep it until he was able to find a man uglier than himself.
Lincoln’s eyes always sparkled when he reached this part of the story. The story always brought smiles to the faces of those who heard it. The tale itself was funny. But even more delightful was the fact that a man as Lincoln could still laugh at himself.
41. This passage is about _______.
A. a stranger and his knife B. Lincoln’s favorite story
C. meeting strangers on a train D. Lincoln’s favorite pencil knife
42. Lincoln was given the pencil knife for _______.
A. his appearance B. a good laugh
C. being a lawyer D. being good-humored
43. From this story we know that the stranger in the train _______.
A. liked to make friends B. liked to tell jokes
C. collected pencil knives D. was not a handsome man
44. What do you think would happen to the knife eventually? _______.
A. Lincoln accepted it and kept it
B. Lincoln refused it and the stranger kept it
C. Lincoln accepted it but immediately threw it away
D. Lincoln refused it and the stranger threw it away
45. The MAIN POINT of the story is that _______.
A. Lincoln was a great and proud man
B. Lincoln, even though great, was not proud
C. Lincoln lacked self-respect
D. Lincoln had a good sense of humor
Passage 2
A tunnel (隧道) is being built through a mountain. If it is dug through weak, soft rock, the tunnel may fall in. If the diggers strike water, the tunnel will be flooded. If the rock is too hard, workers will not be able to dig through it. Before a tunnel can be built, people must know what they will find. They call in a geologist. She or he helps plan a tunnel so it can go through rock that is dry and hard, but not too hard.
A steel and concrete skyscraper is going up. A skyscraper cannot be built over sand or mud. Sand and mud cannot hold up a building. Before a skyscraper can be built, people must know what lies under the surface of the earth. They call in geologists.
Geologists find the best place to build dams and bridges. They look for the best places to dig wells for water. Geologists help us make wise use of the land.
46. According to the passage, geologist can find the best places to build ________.
A. weak, soft rock B. sand and mud
C. land ` D. dams and bridges
47. It can be inferred from the passage that ________.
A. tunnels should not go through mountains
B. people can only guess where to build dams and bridges
C. planning is needed before a tunnel is built
D. skyscrapers are one-story buildings
48. A skyscraper can not be built over ________.
A. solid ground B. very hard rock C. sand or mud D. a mountain
49. The word “wise” in paragraph3, sentence 3, most probably means _______.
A. foolish B. good C. learned D. bad
50. The main idea of the passage is that ________.
A. tunnels can be built through any kind of soil
B. geologists help us make wise use of the land
C. a skyscraper is built on very hard rock
D. geologists can be called in everywhere
Passage 3
One answer to the question of land shortage(短缺)was suggested by a committee some years ago. A city was to be built at sea, housing 30,000 people.
This suggestion was to shape the city like a harbour. The outer wall of the harbour would stand on steel columns resting on the seabed. Naturally this could only be where the water was fairly shallow(浅的). The flats would all face inwards, and would be made of concrete and glass. The glass would be specially made and coloured to control the heat and strong light from the sun. The planners called this water the lake.
The water inside this man-made harbour would be calm. And on the water would be floating lands carrying more buildings, a hospital, two theatres, a museum, and an art exhibition hall and a church. On one of the island would be a special plant, to take the salt out of seawater and turn it into fresh water.
People living in the city could move around on small boats driven by electricity, so there would be no air pollution from the burning of petrol. There would be platforms outside the main wall for ships bringing supplies. People could also travel to the mainland by motorboat or water plane.
51. Which is TRUE according to the passage?
A. The city was to be designed together with a harbour.
B. The walls around the city would be made of steel and glass.
C. The building of the city would rest on a floating island.
D. The people would live in tall buildings surrounded by a wall.
52. Fresh water would be supplied to the city by ________.
A. getting it from the islands nearby
B. dealing with the seawater in a special way
C. getting it from the mainland
D. building a small lake of fresh water inside the city
53. There would be no air pollution to this city because ________.
A. there was no plant in the city
B. the city was protected by a glass roof
C. vehicles there were driven by electricity
D. there was a special machine to treat the air
54. The suggestion made by the committee is to solve the problem of ________.
A. land shortage B. pollution C. transportation D. education
55. Which would be the best title for the passage?
A. Air Pollution B. A New Type of City
C. A Country Built at Sea D. Harbour Cities
Passage 4
A car needs gas to run and your body also needs food to work for you. Eating the right kind of food is very important. It can keep your body strong, so take care of what you eat.
There are four main food groups altogether. The dairy products group has food like milk, cheese and sour milk. The other three groups are the meat and fish group, the fruit and vegetable group, and the bread and rice group. Each meal should have at least one food from all the four main groups. With all these food together you will be given enough energy during the day.
It is easy to get into bad eating habits. You may eat your breakfast in a hurry to get to school on time. Or you may not have time for a good lunch. It may seem easy to finish your supper with fish and chips all the time. But you will find yourself tired during these days and you cannot think quickly.
Watching what you eat will help keep your body healthy and strong. It is also good to take some exercise. It will help you eat more if you take a walk or play games in the open air. Having a good eating habit with some exercise is the key to your health.
56. What does this passage mainly discuss?
A. As a car needs gas, your body needs food.
B. Eating enough food is very important
C. Healthy diet with exercises will keep your body healthy and strong.
D. Our diets must include milk.
57. The best diet should include ________.
A. milk, fish, cabbage and bread B. cheese, milk and eggs
C. sour milk, pork and apples D. milk, pork and rice
58. According to the passage, which one is NOT a bad eating habit?
A. Eating breakfast in a hurry B. Having no time for a good lunch
C. Eating fish and chips all the time D. Finding enough time to enjoy lunch
59. According to the passage, ________ is the key to your health.
A. eating the right kind of food every day B. taking a walk after lunch
C. a good eating habit with some exercise D. playing games in the open air
60. The best title for the passage is ________.
A. Food B. A Healthy Diet
C. Body and Food D. Food and Exercise
V. Writing (20 points)
Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write an e-mail in about 80 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.
你写信给一家银行申请贷款(apply for a loan of…)。信件内容包括下列几个方面:
I. Phonetics
II. Vocabulary and Structure
6-10 BCADB 11-15 BDBBD 16-20 BCAAD 21-25 CDBDD
III. Cloze
26-30 DDBDB 31-35 DACBA 36-40 CCADD
IV. Reading Comprehension
41-45 BADAB 46-50 DCCBB 51-55 CBCAB 56-60 CADCB
West Bank
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to apply for a loan of RMB 10 000 from your bank to start a small shop.
I am planning to use the loan in the following ways: I will spend 2 000 to rent a room as the shop; 1 000 to buy some pieces of furniture such as desks, counters and shelves; 7 000 to buy some goods I can sell such as T-shirt, shoes, clothes and blue jeans. I hope to get the loan by the end of next month this year.
Thank you very much for your help in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Faithfully yours,



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