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I. Phonetics (10 points)
Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
1. A. make B. lake C. sad D. state
2. A. supply B. simply C. try D. style
3. A. trouble B. soul C. double D. enough
4. A. met B. get C. he D. let
5. A. examine B. extra C. excuse D. exhibition
II. Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)
Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
6. He took ________ as to what he should do next.
A. his friend’s advice B. his friend’s advise
C. an advice of his friend D. his friend’s advices
7. After ________ breakfast, we had ________ discussion.
A. the, a B. a, the C. /,a D. a, the
8. I have a ________ son.
A. 2-year-olds B. 2 years old C. 2-year-old D. 2-years-old
9. John often ________ to the teacher, and the teacher didn’t believe him.
A. lie B. lied C. lain D. laid
10. My suggestion is that we ________ him about it.
A. tell B. told C. to tell D. telling
11. What the man said to the police officer ________ by several other witnesses standing by.
A. was disputed B. were disputed C. disputed D. be disputed
12. Most of the satellites do not change ________ positions.
A. their B. its C. them D. the
13. He speaks English ________ better than I.
A. very B. so C. much D. too
14. ________ the days went on, the weather got worse.
A. With B. Since C. While D. As
15. I prefer writing a term paper ________ taking an examination.
A. than B. to C. for D. that
16. I couldn’t understand the lecture, and ________.
A. neither could Sue B. so couldn’t Sue
C. Sue couldn’t neither D. Sue couldn’t also
17. Michael ________ be a policeman, for he’s much too short.
A. needn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. may
18. ________ he was putting on his uniform the officer found that one of the sleeves was torn.
A. Since B. Before C. As D. Unless
19. After living in Paris for fifty years, he returned to the town ________ he grew up as a child.
A. which B. where C. that D. when
20. When you have to interrupt somebody, don’t forget ________ “Excuse me”.
A. say B. to say C. said D. saying
21. We’ve ________ sugar. Ask Mrs. Jones to lend us some.
A. run away with B. run down C. run off D. run out of
22. “Where is the new dictionary?”
“It's on the top of the shelf, out of ________?”
A. reach B. sight C. touch D. order
23. When you go to a foreign country, you must ________ yourself to the manners and customs there.
A. admire B. adopt C. adapt D. admit
24. It’s too expensive for me, I can’t ________ it.
A. spend B. pay C. afford D. cost
25. The High Street is so narrow that the local government has decided to ________ it.
A. increase B. lengthen C. widen D. extend
Ⅲ. Cloze (15 points)
Directions: There are 15 blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE answer that best completes the passage.
A pet is an animal that 26 in your house. Over half the families in North America own pets. The most popular 27 are dogs, fish and birds. Rabbits, hamsters(仓鼠)and turtles are also 28 . Even some unpopular animals such as frogs, mice and snacks are pets.
People first 29 to keep pets about 12000 years ago. The first pet 30 a dog. The dog did not become a pet because people 31 it was cute. It became a pet because it was useful. People used the dog 32 many things. The dog warned people 33 danger so wild animals didn’t attack people. It also ate leftover food. Later, dogs helped people take care 34 cows and sheep on farms.
Cats did not 35 pets for a long time. When the Egyptians first started to grow grain, mice ate it. The Egyptians were 36 to tame(驯服)cats.
Today, people keep many 37 of pets. Animals such as canaries(金丝鸟), parrots, mice and hamsters live 38 . They need people to bring them food and water and to keep their cages clean. Other animals, such as dogs and cats, need food and water, but they can take care of themselves 39 . They are good pets for people because they don’t need 40 care.
26. A. lives B. stays C. sleeps D. plays
27. A. houses B. dogs C. pets D. families
28. A. wide B. narrow C. popular D. populous
29. A. begin B. started C. know D. hope
30. A. is B. was C. were D. had been
31. A. studied B. bought C. taught D. thought
32. A. for B. at C. with D. in order to
33. A. about B. of C. on D. for
34. A. with B. for C. in D. of
35. A. become B. grow C. turn D. change
36. A. first B. firstly C. at the first D. the first
37. A sort B. type C. kinds D. groups
38. A. in cage B. in the cages C. in the cage D. in cages
39. A. many ways B. in many ways C. a better way D. plenty of ways
40. A. many B. much C. a great amount of D. plenty
IV. Reading Comprehension (40 points)
Directions: There are four reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage 1
Scientists have always wanted to know more about the other worlds in space. Years ago they knew a lot about the moon. They knew how far away it is from the earth. But they wanted to know more about it. They thought and thought. At last they found the only way to know more was to send men to the moon.
The moon is about 384 000 kilometres away from the earth. A plane can not fly to the moon because the air reaches only 240 kilometres high above the earth. Then there is no air. But something can fly even when there is no air. That is a rocket (火箭).
Rockets can fly out into space. Rockets with men in them have already reached the moon. Some rockets without men in them have flown to other parts, much farther away from the earth than the moon in the universe. One day, rockets may be able to go to any place.
41. Scientists knew ________ about the moon a long time ago.
A. nothing B. many things C. everything D. little
42. The moon is ________ away from the earth.
A. about 384 000 kilometres B. 240 000 kilometres
C. Only 348 000 kilometres D. about 348 000 meters
43. A plane can’t fly to the moon because ________.
A. the moon is 240 kilometre far away B. we don’t know where it is
C. it can’t fly without air D. there is no air on the moon
44. Rockets with men in them have reached ________.
A. the sun B. the moon C. all the stars D. some planets
45. Which of the following is right?
A. So far, rockets with men have been to other places.
B. Rockets with men can fly to other places farther away than the moon.
C. Perhaps one day rockets will be able to go to any place in space.
D. A plane can fly to the moon.
Passage 2
In the past, people who graduated from college felt proud of their academic achievements and confident that their degree would help them to find a good job.
However, in the past four years the job market has changed dramatically. This year’s college graduates are facing one of the worst job markets. For example, Ryan Stewart, a graduate of San Jose State University, got a degree in religious studies, but he has not gotten any job offers. He points out that many people already working are getting laid off and don’t have jobs, so it’s even harder for new college graduates to find jobs.
Four years ago, the future looked bright for his class of 2006. There were many high-tech job opportunities, graduates received many job offers, and they were able to get jobs with high salaries and benefits such as health insurance and paid vacations. However, “Times have changed. It’s a new market,” according to an officer of the university.
The officer says students who do find jobs started preparing two years ago. They worked during summer vacations, they have had several short-time jobs, and they majored in fields that are still paying well, such as accounting or nursing.
In conclusion, these days a college degree does not automatically lead to a good job with a high salary. Some students can only hope that the value of their degree will increase in the future.
46. What did a college degree mean to people in the past?
A. It was a proof of their professional skills.
B. It would guarantee their quick promotion.
C. It built up their confidence in the job market.
D. It would help them to start an academic career.
47. Ryan Steward has not got any job offer because ________.
A. there are too many graduates of his major
B. he wants to find a job with very high salary
C. he has not received a degree in the university
D. the job market has changed greatly since 2002
48. According to the passage, ________ had the best job prospects in 2002.
A. computer science B. accounting C. teaching D. nursing
49. How did students make preparation for finding jobs?
A. They prepared all the time B. They worked during summer vacations
C. They did short-time jobs. D. Both B and C
50. It can be concluded from the passage that ________.
A. the value of a college degree has decreased now
B. new college graduates today can’t find jobs
C. a college degree can still lead to a good job
D. graduates must prepare early to find jobs
Passage 3
In Japan’s capital city of Tokyo, earthquake danger limits the height of buildings. The city has spread out so far and the traffic has become so heavy that it is very difficult to get from one place to another. The price of land, too, has become very high. All this explains why a group of Japanese land developers came to the conclusion that there was nowhere to go but down. So far they have dug out space underground for fifteen major shopping centers, and the underground construction(建筑)has only begun.
What are some of the advantages of shopping and eating underground? Clean, filtered(过滤的)air is one of them. The city of Tokyo has one of the most serious smog(烟雾)problems in the world. Another advantage is that there won’t be traffic accidents as that on the city’s busy streets. Still another is the convenience(方便)of moving from place to place. You’re usually right next to, or even in, a subway station. And you can even spend the night underground if you like. The Kyobashi Station, for example, in downtown Tokyo, has a hotel with a bar, restaurant and barbershop.
51. It is very difficult to get from one place to another in Tokyo because ________.
A. the city is so large and so high
B. there is no traffic
C. we don’t know the road
D. the city is so large and the traffic is so heavy
52. All are the reasons for Tokyo to develop underground except ________.
A. the high buildings B. the high price of land
C. the far spreading of the city D. the heavy traffic
53. Shopping underground is clean ________.
A. without air pollution B. of water C. and tidy D. and beautiful
54. The first paragraph tells us ________.
A. earthquake is dangerous in Japan B. why Tokyo goes to underground
C. underground shopping centers in Tokyo D. Tokyo is so large
55. The second paragraph tells us________.
A. underground is convenient B. the advantages of underground
C. we can have good food underground D. you can spend the night underground
Passage 4
When you send a letter or a postcard, you have to put stamps on the envelope or on the card. When did people first begin to use stamps? Who was the first to think of this idea?
In the early nineteenth century, people did not use stamps. They had to pay postage(邮费)when they received letters. Sometimes they didn’t want to receive a letter at all, but they had to pay money for it. They were unhappy about this. The postage was high at that time, because the post offices had to send many people to get the postage.
Rowland Hill was a schoolteacher in England. He was the first to think of using stamps in 1850s. He thought it would be much easier for people to use stamps. People could go to the post office to buy stamps and put them on envelopes before they sent the letters. The post office could just put seals(邮戳)on the stamps so that people could not use the stamps again. In this way, the post office did not need to send postmen to get postage. It only needed fewer postmen to send letters.
56. People began to use stamps ________.
A. at the beginning of the nineteenth century
B. in the middle of the nineteenth century
C. more than two hundred years ago
D. when people first sent letters and postcards.
57. Before stamps were used, postage ________.
A. was paid by the letter-writers B. was paid by the letter-receivers
C. was got by postmen D. both B and C
58. Rowland Hill ________.
A. invented the first stamp B. was a postman in England
C. gave the idea of using stamps D. was the first man to use stamps
59. After stamps were used ________.
A. postmen needn’t get postage B. people needn’t pay postage
C. the post office could get more postage D. people should pay more postage
60. What is the main idea of the passage?
A. How did stamps begin to be used?
B. Why were postmen sent to get postage?
C. When did people first begin to use stamps?
D. Who was the first to think of using stamps?
V. Writing (20 points)
Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write an e-mail in about 80 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.
上个星期日下午在公园散步时你(张先生)拾到了一个手提包,里面有失主的身份证。 写信给失主, 内容包括:
I. Phonetics
II. Vocabulary and Structure
6-10 ACCBA 11-15 AACAB 16-20 ABCBB 21-25 DACCC
III. Cloze
26-30 ACCBB 31-35 DABDA 36-40 DCDBB
IV. Reading Comprehension
41-45 BACBC 46-50 CDADA 51-55 DAABB 56-60 BDCAA
Dear Miss Liu,
I am writing to tell you that I found your handbag and hope to return it to you as soon as possible. I found your handbag on a bench of the park when I was walking there on Sunday afternoon last week. The handbag contains 2 000 RMB, your ID, two credit cards, and some other things. I know you are very much worried about it now. I suggest you meet me at 4:00 p.m. at the same place in the same park this Sunday to get your handbag back. I will be in red. If it is convenient for you, give a phone call to let me know if my ideas are all good enough. My phone number is 2457-3349.
Warm regards.



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